Your Jeep Can Be The Ultimate Off-Road Rig With A Bolt-On Air System From Kleinn

Your Jeep Can Be The Ultimate Off-Road Rig With A Bolt-On Air System From Kleinn!

Kleinn is THE name in the self-reliance game with the JL-JK-OBA, our new direct-fit onboard air system for 4-door JKUs and JLUs. Nothing beats the feeling of being worry-free out on the trail; and with the ability to fill your tires, run small air tools, and power your air lockers, you’ll be more worry-free than Bob Marley singing Hakuna Matata.

The JL-JK-OBA features our model 6450RC, a fully submersible, completely waterproof, 100% duty cycle powerhouse of a compressor that can handle whatever you throw at it. The 6450RC mounts inside our custom-designed bracket housing with a 2.8 gallon USA-made steel tank, completely protected from whatever terrain you find yourself on. Plus, the bottom of the housing doubles as a skid plate and sits flush with the bottom of the frame so you don’t lose any clearance!

Here’s what is offered with the JL-JK-OBA

  • Direct fit, vehicle specific on-board air system
  • Model 6450RC, 100% duty cycle, 150psi compressor
  • USA-made steel 2.8-gallon air tank
  • USA-made powder coated custom mounting brackets
  • Hassle-free installation with no drilling, cutting or welding required
  • Remote quick disconnect tire inflator with digital pressure gauge and storage bag
  • All wiring, tubing, and hardware necessary to complete the install yourself
  • Capable of inflating up to 37” tires, running small air tools, and powering aftermarket air lockers
  • Designed for use with 2018-2019 Jeep JLU (4-Door Only) and 2007-2018 Jeep JKU (4-Door Only)

Want more power??

Push your JL-JK-OBA to the next level with our JK6450 upgrade! We designed our bracket housing to hold a SECOND 6450RC compressor, so you can work faster, and get yourself back on the trail quicker. Also included with this upgrade is a second tire inflator kit and second remote quick connect. That means you can fill up two tires at once off the same system! Keep yourself and your friends covered with the JK6450 upgrade.

Be Ready For Whatever Comes Your Way With A Direct Fit On-Board Air System From Kleinn!n

Your Jeep can do more than just look great. It can work hard — and play hard — when you equip it with a Kleinn bolt-on air system.

As the premier manufacturer of train horns, air compressors, onboard air systems and air horns for cars, trucks, RVs, UTVs, and SUVs, Kleinn knows about innovative design and providing value to our customers.

Our direct-fit, vehicle-specific brackets combined with our high-quality horns and compressors provide a perfectly matched air system and horn for virtually any vehicle while giving you frustration-free professional installation results.


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