Model 333 The Sniper™ – Remote control air horn activation system

$ 49.95

The Sniper™ – Wireless Remote Horn Button

Kleinn Air Horns Sniper™ Wireless Remote Horn Button will allow activation of Air Horns from a distance of up to 200 feet away from the vehicle!

Imagine the possibilities of an unoccupied vehicle; suddenly and unexpectedly creating earth shattering noise all by itself! The Kleinn Air Horns Sniper ™ Wireless Remote Horn Button assures that honking your air horns will never be the same!

The Sniper™ Wireless Remote Horn Button is engineered to be easy to install and comes with two Kleinn Logo Laser Etched Remote Control Transmitters, the Receiver, necessary Wiring, and Installation Instructions.



  • 2-Logo Laser Etched Remote Control Transmitters
  • Includes Receiver and Necessary Wiring
  • Offers Activation of Earth Shattering Noise at a Distance of Up to 200 Feet Away
  • Engineered for Easy Installation
  • Imagine the Possibilities
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California Prop 65 Warning

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