Model 502 Triple Train Horn

$ 249.95

Chrome plated spun copper triple train horn with 1/2″ heavy duty Vortex 6™ solenoid valve upgrade

There’s no mistaking that genuine train horn sound. Loud and deep, Kleinn 500 Series train horns will turn heads and move people — big time! All 500 Series horns have reversible trumpets so you can get that realistic multi-directional effect, just like a real locomotive. Sturdy aluminum mounting brackets allow for under-body or rooftop mounting. When these horns sound you’ll swear that you’re standing on the tracks!

  • Three tuned trumpets, 16″, 14″, and 11″
  • Chrome-plated copper trumpets
  • Includes upgraded VX6003 solenoid valve with wider orifice and 1/2″ tubing for increased volume!
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California Prop 65 Warning

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