Blastmaster Upgrade Kit 6880 for Model 630 and 230 The Beast™

$ 79.95

BlastMaster™ air flow upgrade kit

Push your Kleinn 230 and 630 train horns to the MAX with the “BlastMaster” air flow kit. The “BlastMaster” includes two extra Model 307 solenoids, oversized 1/2″ air line, and all the other fittings and tubing required to put a separate solenoid on each train horn trumpet. The individual air horns no longer have to share the air from one solenoid…. boosting the train horn sound output to a mind-blowing level.

NOTE: Before ordering this kit check your Model 230 horn to insure if has a single model 307 air solenoid. In 2017 we upgraded the 230 horn to the Vortex 6 all brass solenoid valve.  The 6880 Blastmaster kit is to upgrade model 230 horns with the “chrome” model 307 solenoid like the two included in this kit.

If your 230 horn has a brass solenoid you need to use the P?N 6890 Ultra Blastmaster Upgrade kit


California Prop 65 Warning

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